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Month: April 2017

5 Things to Expect at a New Dentist Appointment

Meeting with a dentist for the first time can be a daunting experience. Up to 15 percent of Americans avoid seeing the dentist because of fear and anxiety, and visiting a new dental practice could increase the stress. Knowing what to expect at a new dentist appointment can alleviate any fears you have. Here are five things that will happen.

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Why Do My Teeth Tingle? 4 Reasons Explained!

Teeth tingling is a prickling or stinging sensation in your teeth and might be accompanied by inflammation or bleeding gums. Usually, this is nothing to worry about, and your dentist will provide you with relief for the sensitivity.

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Dental Care for Coffee Drinkers … Because Quitting Coffee isn't an Option!

Your morning routine is set in stone. Muscle memory gets you out of bed and to your coffee maker. You wait impatiently while the machine starts up to deliver your must-have jolt of caffeine. If you'd rather give up anything before your coffee, the last thing you want to hear is your dentist telling you to quit. So how can you stay on top of your dental care while drinking your coffee?

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5 Things You Should Do Now to Avoid Dentures Later

More than 20 million Americans are missing all of their teeth, and another 10 million are missing all of their upper teeth. Many of these people wear dentures. These custom-made, removable replacements for missing teeth are usually made from acrylic resin. If you don't want to join these people, here are some preventative steps you can take to avoid tooth loss.

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Simple Tips to Reduce Everyday Wear and Tear on your Teeth from Eating and Drinking

Candy. Cakes. Soda. Red wine. These foods and drinks are absorbed by your teeth, causing them to stain and discolor. However, there are steps you can take to limit their negative effects on your teeth. Here are some tips on how to eat and drink without ruining your oral health.

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5 Reasons to Visit the Dentist Every 6 Months

Few people like sitting in the dentist's chair, but making regular appointments with your dentist guarantees your teeth stay in tip-top condition. The American Dental Association recommends you visit your dentist at least once a year, but making six-monthly appointments prevents a whole host of oral-related problems from developing, such as tooth decay and gum disease. Here are five reasons why you should visit your dentist every six months.

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Do You REALLY Need an Electric Toothbrush?

You see electric toothbrushes when you're at the store picking up your usual selection. They look attractive, but the price difference is rather significant. The commercials might talk about how much better an electric toothbrush is, but do you need one in your medicine cabinet?

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Am I Doing Enough at Home for My Kids' Dental Care?

Healthy teeth and gums are important to your kids' oral health. One of the best ways to help your children maintain good oral health is to encourage proper oral care at home. Having your kids establish an oral care routine at a young age creates healthy habits that can last a lifetime.

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4 Reasons to Get Your Teeth Whitened

Everybody's teeth pick up stains or discolorations over time -- especially if you drink a lot of coffee, tea or wine. But they don't have to stay that way. Once reserved for the rich and famous, professional tooth-whitening services are now more affordable than ever.

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The Effect Sugar has on Your Teeth

If you drink soda with sugar throughout the day, then we have news for you. This IS, without doubt, doing a number on your teeth. It’s actually doing double the damage because of two elements:

  1. Sugar
  2. Acid (Acid being the real bad egg of the bunch)

The Effect Sugar has on Your TeethSugar causes tooth decay. You’ve heard it

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