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Welcome to Main Street Dental Clinics

At Main Street Dental Clinics, we strive to deliver you with a unique and comfortable patient experience. Our patients are our highest priority, and your dental needs are important to us. We will listen to your needs and treat you with respect and compassion. Our patients have come to expect the highest quality dental care that comes from up to date technology and education. Let us change your mind about how enjoyable a trip to the dentist can be.

Health ICNEmergency Dental Appointments

Emergency Appointment

Have a dental emergency? Main Street Dental Clinic consists of five convenient locations that offer emergency dental services.

Dental emergencies that require an immediate visit may include:

  • Significant damage to your teeth
  • Severe mouth pain
  • Pus drainage or visible abscess
  • Mouth or gum bleeding that doesn’t stop
  • Visible swelling that doesn’t improve

We take emergency dental care seriously, and understand how important it is to see a dentist immediately. We do our best to provide flexibility and immediate care to emergency dental patients. Contact one of our five convenient locations if you have a dental emergency during normal business hours.

Flexible Appointments

MSDC Reception

The staff at all of our locally owned and operated clinics work tirelessly to create a welcoming environment. This many times includes finding the flexibility to offer same-day appointments.

Haven’t been to the dentist in a while? That’s OK! Our clinics are locally renowned for their comfortable and non-judgemental setting. Come visit us!

Did you enjoy the flexibility and comfort of Main Street Dental? We immensely appreciate reviews and referrals. In fact, we appreciate it so much when you refer a friend to MSDC, that we send you a gift! We like to call it “share a smile, get a gift.”