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Tips From the Dentist: How Do I Have a Fast Dental Appointment?


Your busy schedule does not always permit you to spend much time in the dentist’s waiting room or chair. But, you realize the importance of having a routine cleaning to keep your dental health in check. The good news is that although you can’t actually control the dentist’s schedule, there is a lot you can do to speed up your end of the appointment. Plus, the smoother your participation goes, the easier it will make the dentist’s and hygienist’s job. Keep reading for some tips on saving time at the dentist’s office.

Get There Earlier

Getting to your dental appointment on time is key. But if you can show up just a little bit earlier, you might find that the dentist or hygienist is already ready and waiting to see you. Of course this isn't guaranteed, and sometimes you might have to wait a bit — but it's usually worth the gamble, and the entire office staff will love you for being prompt.

Fill Any Paperwork Out Ahead of Time

When you make your first appointment, ask if the office can email, snail mail or fax the new patient paperwork to you. Showing up to your appointment with the paperwork already filled out will help you get a jump start on the rest of your appointment.

Main Street Dental makes it super easy to fill out paperwork before your appointment. Simply create a patient account for your clinic location, fill out the online paperwork, and it will be automatically uploaded into the system. MSDC can otherwise email, mail, or fax the paperwork for you to fill out at your own convenience.

Have Your Insurance Card Ready

If this is your first appointment or you've changed insurance companies or simply not been in recently, the receptionist will want to make a copy of your insurance card. Making sure you have that card with you — and better yet, already know what your insurance will or won't cover — will speed up both the front and back end of your appointments.

Book Yourself for the First Appointment of the Day

Sometimes emergency walk-ins or other appointments running late may make your dental team late or slow to take care of you. Booking the first appointment of the day guarantees that neither of those will be an issue as you get started.

Be Clear About What You Need

If you know you need fillings but only book yourself for an exam, it's going to mess up the dentist's schedule and slow down your appointment as they struggle to squeeze you in. So, make sure that you communicate clearly to the receptionist what sort of appointment you need, and don't be shy about double-checking if it seems you were not allotted the correct amount of time.

Choose the Right Dental Teams

If time is really your highest priority, find a dental team that prioritizes efficiency. You might also look for a dentist and staff with more experience: As a general rule, the more practice they have, the faster they'll work without sacrificing quality of care.

Main Street Dental prioritizes efficiency and your comfort by having extra staff on hand to accommodate emergencies. Your scheduled appointment is always taken with the utmost importance.

Stay Current on Your Preventative Care

In a similar vein, the better care you take of your teeth, the less work they'll need at the dentist's office. By investing your time in brushing, flossing and eating a diet that promotes dental health, you'll end up spending less time in the dentist's chair and have fewer appointments to get through.

If your dentist accepts emergency appointments, an occasional short wait may be inevitable, but it's hard to begrudge those moments because one day, you might be the one needing emergency help. And in the meantime, following these seven tips will help get you in and out of the door as quickly as possible.

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