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Month: September 2018

Sensitive Teeth: Causes and Solutions


One in eight people suffer from sensitive teeth — that's about 40 million Americans. Exposed tooth roots or worn tooth enamel can often cause this uncomfortable sensation. A cracked tooth, gum disease or cavity can also result in sensitive teeth. If you experience this condition, don't worry. There are a number of solutions that can solve this problem.

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How to Get Kids to Brush Their Teeth


A third of children don't brush their teeth every day, according to a recent study. Some simply forget to brush; others purposely try to avoid it. Getting kids to brush their teeth can often be a challenge, but it doesn't have to be this way. Here are some tips for improving your child's oral hygiene habits.

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How Poor Dental Hygiene Affects the Rest of Your Body


The link between your dental hygiene and the overall health of your body is stronger than you might think.

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What Causes Gingivitis?


Gingivitis is a disease that can inflame the gums and causes bad breath. According to the Mayo Clinic,

“Gingivitis is a common and mild form of gum disease (periodontal disease) that causes irritation, redness and swelling (inflammation) of your gingiva, the part of your gum around the base of your teeth. It's important to take gingivitis seriously and treat it promptly. Gingivitis can lead to much more serious gum disease called periodontitis and tooth loss.”

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When Should Patients Have Dental X-Rays Taken?


X-rays are one of the most common dental procedures in the United States, and they're nothing to be nervous about. Sometimes a simple visual examination isn't enough, and a dentist might recommend a patient have an x-ray to diagnose a condition. Dentists use x-rays to identify tooth decay, cavities, slow tooth development and other problems. But how often should patients have dental x-rays taken? Read on to find out.

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What to Look for When Choosing a Dentist


As of 2017, there were 198,517 dentists in the United States, according to the American Dental Association. These professionals identify common tooth and gum problems, perform extractions, fill cavities and improve your overall oral health. Still, with so many dentists out there, it can be difficult to know which one to choose. Here are some tips for choosing a dentist in your area.

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Haven't Been to the Dentist in Years? Here's What You Need to Do.


Millions of people are terrified to visit the dentist each year. In fact, dental phobias affect 15% of Americans. Yet it’s extremely important to maintain routine cleaning schedules. Routine cleanings can help you avoid cavities, curb gum disease and even catch more serious problems—like oral cancer—before they progress.

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The Options for Tooth Decay Treatment


Tooth decay is possibly one of the most uncomfortable (and one of the most common) dental ailments. This ailment can lead to other problems, including tooth loss and brain abscess. Find out if you are experiencing tooth decay and the options available to you for treatment.

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How to Prevent a Dry Socket After a Tooth Extraction

Closeup portrait of young man with sensitive tooth ache crown problem, suffering from pain, touching outside mouth with hand, isolated white background. Negative emotions, facial expression, feeling

Sometimes you simply can’t avoid a tooth extraction. Whether you’re getting your wisdom teeth removed or undergoing an extraction to prevent crowding in your mouth, sometimes it’s necessary to promote good dental health.

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How to Properly Brush Your Teeth


Properly brushing your teeth is as important to your health as eating the right foods and exercising. Your dental health can determine the health for the rest of your body. Many people who have poor dental health also experience problems with their throat, heart, and digestive systems.

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