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Do You REALLY Need an Electric Toothbrush?

Electric Toothbrus

Closeup portrait dentist, doctor, assistant congratulate happy, smiling patient for successful operation procedure, isolated background clinic office. Patient visit treatment, satisfaction. Expression.jpegYou see electric toothbrushes when you're at the store picking up your usual selection. They look attractive, but the price difference is rather significant. The commercials might talk about how much better an electric toothbrush is, but do you need one in your medicine cabinet?

What's the Difference Between an Electric and Regular Toothbrush?

An electric toothbrush has a motor designed to move bristles at high speed. The standard model uses either a back-and-forth motion that's similar to how you usually brush your teeth or a circular pattern. These movements are far faster than you can achieve on your own, with sonic and ultrasonic speeds available on some toothbrushes.

Three Benefits of an Electric Toothbrush

1. Multiple Cleaning Modes
You can choose between several cleaning modes on most brushes, such as modes designed for tongue cleaning or sensitive teeth. When you switch settings, the speed of the brush adjusts to accommodate for these requirements.

2. Makes Proper Brushing Easier
An electric toothbrush makes good oral hygiene easier to achieve, especially for people who don't have the mobility to reach all areas of the teeth. It also appeals to children who may view this type of toothbrush as an exciting toy.

3. Timer
You only need two minutes to clean your teeth completely, but many people have a problem with tracking this time in their heads. An electric toothbrush solves this issue with a timer that lets you know exactly how long you've been brushing your teeth so you can consistently keep them clean. Some models have other useful features, such as tracking your brushing trends via Bluetooth and a pressure sensor to prevent you from hurting any teeth.

Three Benefits of a Regular Toothbrush

1. Affordable
You can pick up a regular toothbrush (or pack of brushes) without investing a lot of money. Electric toothbrush prices can go all the way up to three figures, which may not fit into the budget.

2. Travel-Friendly
You don't have to worry about bringing along all the bits and pieces of your electric toothbrush when you have a regular one along for the trip. If you spend any time out of the country, you also avoid worrying about compatible adapters and the plug types at your destination.

3. No Charge Time
What happens if your electric toothbrush is not charged when you need to brush your teeth? Skipping your oral hygiene routine because you don't have enough juice to make it through two minutes is not an ideal way to keep your teeth healthy and clean.

Dentist Recommendations

Both regular toothbrushes and electric versions will get your teeth clean as long as you're brushing properly. However, electric toothbrushes make it much easier to follow proper dental hygiene guidelines, with WebMD reporting an 80 percent increase in compliance. These brushes also come out on top for people who suffer from conditions that make it difficult or impossible to manually make the motions required to clean all areas of the teeth.

Ultimately, you can achieve your oral hygiene goals with either brush, but the electric one makes it a lot easier to get there. Take the time to weigh the pros and cons before making your decision. You want the best tool for keeping your smile looking bright and healthy.

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