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It is our responsibility as dentists to adhere to current recommendations from the ADA, MDA and MN Board of Dentistry. The current recommendations’ objective is two parts: one is to slow the spread of covid19 through the practice of social distancing, and the other is to alleviate the strain of dental emergencies on our hospitals. So we are keeping our doors open for dental emergencies only at this time. 


If you have a dental emergency please call our office and we will be there to help you.


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New Richland Team

Dr. Jon Fabian

Dr. Jon Fabian

Dr. Jon Fabian’s home town is Saint Anthony Village, Minnesota. He attended undergraduate at St. John’s University and in 2008 graduated from the University Of Minnesota School of Dentistry. Dr. Fabian and his wife Nicole have 2 children Ellana and Derek. Dr. Fabian enjoys spending time with family especially outdoors, and watching and playing sports.



When asked to choose a super power Bonnie chose :


So I can clear the skies on a cloudy day!




When asked to choose a super power Tanya responded with:

The power of healing

With the power to heal, I could fix things for everyone!



When asked to choose a super power Julie chose :

To be able to fly

I would love to be able to soar above & get a birds-eye view of our world below. Plus, it would be a shorter commute to work!



When asked to choose a super power Autumn responded with:

Time Manipulation

You can turn back the clock. No awkward moments would happen, all nighters wouldn’t be necessary, and good times would last longer!



When asked to choose a super power Holly chose:


There never seems to be enough hours in the day nor do I seem to have enough energy to accomplish all the tasks I would like to in a day. I would use this power to accomplish all there is on my to do list, without running out of energy. If I didn’t have to sleep I would be able to.



When asked to choose a super power Natalie responded with:

to Fly

My super power would be to fly, because it would be fun!!



When asked to choose a super power Sam chose:

Time Control

That way I could slow down time and spend more time with my family and friends.



When asked to choose a super power Kristin chose:

Bilocation – to be in 2 places at once

So that I could be with my children & clean teeth at the same time, or…clean my house, get dinner ready & clean teeth at the same time!!



When asked to choose a super power Nikkie responded with:

To heal the blind.

So everyone can see the wonderful, vibrant world we live in.



When asked to choose a super power Stephanie responded with

Spidey Sense

I would use my spider woman powers in conjunction with my “Mom powers” to better sense when my child is about to do wrong. I would also use my powers to get around; climbing and swinging. It would save me some gas and it would be pretty cool


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Emergency Dental Appointments

Need to see an emergency dentist? Don’t panic. Main Street Dental Clinics consist of five convenient locations, all of which take emergency dental appointments. The Main Street Dental team will work with your insurer to make certain you receive the best possible coverage for any necessary emergency dental procedure.

We take emergency dental care seriously, and understand how important it can be to see a dentist in the same day. We do our best to provide flexibility and immediate care to patients in need of an emergency dentist. Contact one of our five convenient locations if you have a dental emergency during normal business hours.

New Richland Emergency Dentist

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