Sense of Purpose

Sense of Purpose


Company Timeline

  • Doctor John Flor established practice in Blooming Prairie in 1976 retired in 2012
  • Main Street Dental Blooming Prairie Clinic, Established in January 1995
  • Main Street Dental Managed Care Clinic (MC), Established 1996  closed 2011
  • Main Street Dental Owatonna, Established 1999
  • Main Street Dental Rochester, Established December 2002
  • Main Street Dental New Richland, Established December 2005
  • Main Street Dental Lab, Established 2010 closed 2012
  • Main Street Dental Mankato Established March of 2015

Team Member Timeline

  • Chris Stenzel joined MSDC in June of 2001
  • Bob Kess joined MSDC in June of 2002
  • Chad Hanson joined MSDC in June of 2002
  • Brian Burmeister joined MSDC in June of 2003
  • Osman Swedeh joined MSDC in October of 2004
  • Jon Fabian joined MSDC in June of 2008
  • Dan Schafer joined MSDC in June of 2011
  • Jeff Campbell joined MSDC in July of 2015

Main Street Dental was the vision of John Flor who started MSDC in 1995 after practicing independently since 1976. Through his vision MSDC grew to 2 clinics, then 3, then 4, and the fifth office in Mankato opened in March 2015. Along with the multiple clinics goes many valued staff throughout the years. Some have spent their entire career with MSDC and others a short time. But while they work or have worked at MSDC it's more than likely they have made great memories and friendships.